a mobile version of dudesnude is available on https://dudesnude.com/ - use this URL if logging in from your cellphone. the site features:
  • layout optimized for small screen devices
  • 'dudes nearby' page showing logged in members ordered by distance from your current GPS position*
  • 'send map' feature, allowing you to attach a map showing your current position to messages you send*
  • radius search feature on quick search' and 'power search' allows you to search the entire database for members near your location*
* these features only available from a GPS enabled cellphone when the 'use GPS position?' box on the login page is ticked more info...

our primary supported mobile device is the Apple iPhone, although the site should be accessible on most modern smartphones. because of Apple restrictions on adult content, we don't have a DN app although our mobile web site does have many app like features, as well as the uncensored content apps cannot provide.

old phones only: if the browser built in to your device does not seem to work with dudesnude, we recommend that you use Opera Mobile browser to access this site. if using Opera mobile, make sure you have 'Minimum Font Size' set to 'Small' in settings.

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