somewhat strangely considering the large amount of members from the states, the dudesnude team is based in london uk. here's the current line-up in no particular order:

tomo: general dude
tomo helps out with general admin on - checking new member profiles, verification pics and dodgy profile pics!

in his spare time, tomo likes: going to the gym, travel, sleeping, morris dancing, watching daytime tv and singing in the shower (one of these is not true!).

robert: general dude
robert also fills the 'lovely assistant' role, checking new/verified profiles and helping to answer members email inquiries.

illegitimate son of Tsar Nicholas II, last of the Romanovs, and a Cherokee princess, he won the Nobel prize for physics in 1938 and today breeds champion guinea pigs in his cottage atop Ben Nevis.

phil: geek dude
computer people are weird - phil gets almost as excited unleashing a new feature or server tuneup technique on as he does looking at all the hot guys on here! phil is responsible for all geek stuff, including web site development and looking after the servers that run the site

when not faffing about with linux or foaming at the mouth about the evils of microsoft, phil is most likely to be found either in the gym, in a techno club or in the kitchen mixing cocktails :)