reporting underage members

you need to be 18 years of age or older to use dudesnude. if you have evidence one of our members may be below this age, please forward it to , together with the name and profile ID of the member.

reporting abusive members, problem profiles and copyright infringement

before reporting a problem, please read our help information on dealing with abusive messages and dealing with personal attacks in the forums and reporting problem profiles and members.

when reporting abuse, please always include the member's profile name and profile ID number (the latter is found in the member's profile).

if contacting us about abusive messages or forum postings, please also include:

  • copies of the abusive message(s) or forum postings you are complaining about
  • a translation of the message into english if it's not already in english
  • in the case of abusive forum posts, please include the link (page address or URL) to the forum page where you found the abusive posting

if contacting us about a fake profile, please tell us exactly how you know the pictures have been stolen. if the pictures are of you or someone you know please send us another picture of the same person that does not exist in the fake profile as evidence of this.

providing all of the above in your initial email will greatly assist in the processing of your complaint

please send abuse reports to

payment queries or problems

if your query is related to a previous payment, or about problems you are having making a new payment, please send an email to

reporting technical problems with the site, or ideas for improving it

if something seems to be broken, or you have an idea for making the site better, please tell us about it! but first, please search our help system - you may find a solution to the problem you have found, or a reason why your idea hasn't already been added to the site.

please send bug reports and suggestions to

please note: we cannot reply to all of the suggestion emails we receive, we do promise that all emails are read though, and will do our best to quickly fix any problems you report and get your best ideas incorporated into the next update of dudesnude!

obtaining help and support with the web site features

all common questions and problems are already in our help database - please search it before emailing us about a problem.

if you need general assistance with something not covered in the help system, please contact us on