for browsers that support it, dudesnude can collect information on your current location from your browser at login time and use this information to help you find (and be found by) nearby guys.

if your browser supports this feature, you will see a tickbox on the login page just above the Log in button labeled 'use GPS position?'. if this appears, tick the box to have your location passed to the site at login. your location will be taken from your onboard GPS unit (iPhone and Android cellphones) or calculated by your browser using your current IP address.

after logging in using this option, the dudes shown on the 'nearby' page, distance limited search results and travel diary entries will all be relative to your current GPS position. distances to other members logging in mobile are shown accurately, distances to home users are shown to a maximum resolution of 0.5 miles (the default distance accuracy settings for your profile for your home and mobile logins can be changed in your site settings).

the GPS login feature is mainly intended for use whilst out and about (if you are logging in from home you may find it more convenient to enter your profile location in your site settings instead). if you have a profile location set in your settings, using the geopositioning login feature will temporarily override this position and your normal profile location will only be restored when you log in to the site with the 'use GPS position' box left un-ticked.

if you move to a different area while remaining logged in, click the circular 'refresh' link on the 'online nearby' page to see guys close to your new location, otherwise the site will continue to show guys near the location from which you logged in.

supported browsers: Safari in iPhone OS 3.0 update or later, Safari in recent Android phones, Mozilla Firefox V3.5 and later, recent versions of Google Chrome.

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if you need to report a problem with the web site or another member, please visit our contact dudesnude support page.