how to set a location on your profile or search a specific location:

setting your location
click 'settings' and click the [CHOOSE] link next to the 'location' box, and type an address in the box at the top of the map window that appears. street names, town names, zip/postcodes and even street house numbers should all be recognized. when typing, if an address appears that matches the one you are looking for, click it to select it, the map should then re-draw showing the location you have selected on the map.

if you'd like to adjust the location, simply click on the map to move the pointer to a new position. once done, click the 'Save' button to select the position, and then click the 'Save updates' button on your profile settings page to save the location to your profile.

if you are logging in with a GPS enabled cellphone, you can temporarily set your profile location to your current GPS position by ticking the 'use GPS position?' box at login.

clearing your location
if you don't want to have a profile location set, click the [CHOOSE] link (see above) and click the [clear current location] link, once done click the 'Save updates' button on your profile settings page to update your profile.

searching for people in a specific location
click 'nearby' to see all members near to your current location, the 'online now' page has the option to limit results shown to a distance from your current location (see bottom of 'online now' page). both 'quick' search and 'power' search have the option to limit search results to any location. To do this, on the 'quick' and 'power' search pages, click the [CHOOSE] link next to the 'location' box, a window will appear allowing you to set the search location.

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