dudesnude is a self-pic sharing and profile site for guys. it's unique feature is that all member's pictures are categorized according to what they contain, so using the site's powerful search facilities you can locate not just the kind of guys you like but also the type of content you'd like to see in their pics.

as a guy posting pictures, you've got more control over who sees them than on other sites too. all dudesnude members belong to at least one 'community', you can select which of these communities (i.e. the type of guys) that can see your pictures and profile. e.g. if you're a Teen you might only want other Teens to be able to see your stuff on the site. if you want everyone to see your pictures you can choose to have your profile in the public gallery which is accessible by everyone (even non-members).

so it's like a searchable gallery site only better. it's like a profile site too, only better!

key features

  • control over who sees your stuff- you can:
    - make your pics/profile 'members only' or publicly accessible
    - restrict access to the dudesnude communities that are your type
  • powerful database search- find guys who are exactly your type and showing what you like to see in their pics
  • webcam chat - see other dudes camming in real time
  • video- members can upload a short video clip for inclusion in their profile
  • dudematch- an advanced search facility that tracks down guys who are both each other's type
  • travel diary- lets you see which guys are visiting your area
  • stats- get to see not just how many hits your profile and pics are getting, but also stats on what people are searching for

other features
other features include member-only discussion forums which allow you to post messages and pictures, realtime java chat, on-site messaging system so you don't need to give out your email, a search engine that will find guys you like, guys that like you, and will even tell 2 guys that they both like each other if they do!

what kind of guys is this site for?
the site is intended for everyone who likes checking out pictures of guys and/or showing themselves off. it is loosely separated into communities- here's the current list:

  • Dude next door
  • Fit Jock dude
  • Big Muscle dude
  • Bear
  • Chub
  • Leatherman
  • Daddy Men
  • SexPig
  • Couples

how do i get in?
just click the 'search' link if all you want to do is check out the pictures in the public gallery. to create a profile and upload your own pictures click the 'join' link (to be a full member you need to upload your own pictures).

what does it cost?
whilst you can access the site without paying, obviously the money to run it has to come from somewhere. members who pay the support fee get increased limits on their message inbox and an unrestricted bandwidth connection to the videoclip server for high speed downloads!

does the site protect my pictures?
you can restrict who sees your pictures (see above), the site includes code to make it difficult for anyone to circumvent the site access mechanism and download your pictures directly. in addition, you can choose to disable right-clicking on your pictures to prevent people saving them on their computer. (right-click protection is quite basic however and should not be relied upon if you're really concerned about it.)

will i be subjected to spam as a result of having a profile on this site?
spam email is one of our pet hates- you'll definitely get none from us and under no circumstances will your email address be made available to any 3rd party marketing companies. the site also contains code to protect your email address from www spam email harvesters should you decide to show your email address in your profile.

what if I decide I don't like it?
you can leave the site at any time- a delete account link is provided to erase all of your pictures and information from the web site.

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if you need to report a problem with the web site or another member, please visit our contact dudesnude support page.