we regret we cannot give email support for people having problems uploading a videoclip - there are simply far too many different formats and video applications for us to be able to offer practical help for your unique setup! however if you are having problems, the following notes may be of help:

  • if you repeatedly get a 'page contains no data' error, it means that the initial file upload to the server is failing. possible solutions are to try a smaller file (you may have to limit the duration of your videoclip, although you may be able to shrink it by using conversion software to compress it more). another option might be to try a different browser for uploading - we suggest Chrome: http://chrome.google.com/ note: the maximum size of upload file the server will accept is 200Mb
  • if the file uploads, but you get an error message on the upload page, this means the file upload was successful, but the server was unable to convert your file. if this happens, try uploading your video using a different format.
  • if you receive something like 'when converted, this clip required N Kb storage, this exceeded your available space....' it means that, when converted, your file was bigger than the server storage space you have available. please see below for options on reducing the size of your upload file, also note that supporters get more storage space on the server!

supported file formats

the software on the server supports a wide range of different formats. to find if a certain file format is supported, we recommend just uploading a small clip as a test. if you have problems, formats that might work most reliably include AVI (mpeg4 encoding) MPG (mpeg1 or mpeg2 encoding).

tips for small files

make your files as small as possible by ensuring the video is shot in good light conditions (grainy videoclips result in a much bigger file size). if your clip is too big, try reducing the resolution or length of the video.

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