dudesnude message system allows you to send and receive messages to and from other members. there are no limits to the amount of messages you can send in a day, although if the person you are trying to send a message to has a full inbox, you will need to be a paying member to be able to send the message.

navigating the messages page:
  • click on the person's name to see the profile of the person it was from
  • click on the envelope icon to read the message
  • block further messages from this person by clicking 'Extra' and saving them as 'blocked' (more info)
  • to delete messages, tick the box next to the message you want to delete (under the 'select' column in your inbox), and then click the 'Move selected' button with 'Deleted' selected in the drop-down next to it
  • links are provided just above the 'Move selected' button to select all messages for deletion, or just all read/replied to
  • to move messages into your 'Saved' folder, click the 'Move selected' button with 'Saved' selected in the drop-down next to it

message icons have the following meanings:

= new message (since last login)
= unread message
= read message
= message has been replied to
= message has been deleted by recipient (sent messages folder only)

messages moved to your deleted messages folder and messages in your sent messages folder will stay there for 5 days before being permanently erased, messages moved to your saved messages folder will be counted together with any messages in your inbox towards your maximum message limit.

note: you cannot manually remove messages from your sent and deleted folder.

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if you need to report a problem with the web site or another member, please visit our contact dudesnude support page.