if you are subjected to abusive personal attacks in the forums, we recommend that you add the member to your block list, as this will prevent him from posting to any forum threads that you yourself have created.

from his profile, click the 'save' link, or from your message inbox click the 'Extra' (pencil) icon next to his last message, on the window that opens select 'Blocked!' under 'mark this guy as:' before clicking the save button at the bottom of the page.

your own behavior: please be aware that many rude postings are made because the poster believes you said something rude or inconsiderate to them first! please do your best to be tactful and polite to people, especially those with very different ideas or beliefs to yourself.

reporting abuse: dealing with rude peope is somthing we all have to deal with every day without 'calling the police', so we hope you will do your best to simply ignore occasional slips in other people's manners, and remember that we all have bad days from time to time. however, if you feel the abuse is serious enough that dudesnude admin should be involved, and you are sure you did nothing to provoke the attack, please contact us. we would always prefer that you did this than attempt to take abusive retaliatory action!

please don't report abusive messages to dudesnude admin if there is a chance our investigations will reveal that an earlier inconsiderate message from yourself was the start of the problem.

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if you need to report a problem with the web site or another member, please visit our contact dudesnude support page.