how does distance searching work?
dudesnude distance searching features allow you to find (and be found by) other members based on how close you are to each other. when using the searches and 'online now' page, members who have set their profile location (or logged in using a GPS enabled cellphone) are able to enter a maximum distance (in miles or kilometers) they'd be prepared to travel to meet a guy, the search will then bring back a list of guys that are within that distance. in addition, the dudesnude 'nearby' page displays all nearby members ordered by distance.

what are the privacy issues around giving dudesnude my location
your exact position will not be displayed in your profile or anywhere on the site, and although the site will allow other members to know roughly how far away you are from them, it does not let them know what direction you are. as a final step to help ensure privacy for home users, distances to guys logging in from home have a small random error added to them and are shown to a maximum accuracy of 0.5miles (the default accuracy setting for which distances to your profile are displayed for home and mobile logins can be changed in your site settings).

because of this, you may feel that in a typical urban setting it is reasonable to use your actual home location. if you would like more anonymity simply select a profile location that's a few blocks away from where you live, or if you live in a sparsely populated area you may wish to place your profile in the nearest population center.

the more accurately you set your actual location, the more accurately the site will display search results. home users who set their location accurately can see accurate distances to nearby mobile users.

if you don't want to set your location, its still possible to use the site with the exception of some of the location based features.

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