Our popular webcam chat room is full of friendly, hot guys chatting, showing off and having fun. If you are not already a member of the site, you need to create a free dudesnude profile to use the webcam chat.

To enter the chat room, click "webcam" in the navigation (or just go here).

We are proud to introduce a new webchat experience for 2019!

  • Works on your phone, your tablet AND your desktop computer equally well (no more Flash)
  • No special browser, plugins or any other software needed
  • Many new features including animated GIFs, emoji picker, whisper and mention
  • Stable, reliable webcam broadcasting and receiving

The basics:

  • Who is in the room (how do I see the member list)? - the member list is on the right side of the screen. If you don't see it, click the little tab that is sticking out in the middle of the right side, and the member list will slide out. Click the tab again to close the member list.
  • How do I view someone else's cam? - look in the member list, anyone who is broadcasting will have a tiny camera icon next to their name - click that. (If you don't see the member list, read the FAQ question above!)
  • How do I sort everyone who has their cam on to the top of the member list? - there are 2 sort buttons, one to sort A-Z and the other to sort people with cams turned on to the top of the list. It's a little quirky right now-- it sorts every time you click the button, instead of keeping the list sorted. We're working with the developer to get that changed.
  • How do I turn my cam on/off? - click the 'camera' toggle switch at the top of the screen and be sure 'Public Webcam' (not 'Private') is green. You may need to 'allow' dudesnude to use your camera and microphone. When your camera is on, the blue camera icon will light up next to your name in the list; this tells others your camera is on so they can watch you.
  • Who is watching me? / What is the blue eye icon? - other people watching you will have a blue eye next to their name if they are watching your cam.
  • What happened to the 'favorites' list? - unfortunately the new webcam chat software doesn't offer this feature yet, but we're working on getting it in there.

Cool extra features:

  • How can I add emojis to my message? - click the little smiley-face emoji picker above where you type messages. Shortcut: press the tab key to open the emoji picker.
  • How do I send an animated GIF? - click the GIFs button just above where you type a message. In the "GIFs" popup window, you can search for a GIF by typing some keywords, then click to insert it in your message. Tip: when someone else uses a GIF in the chat room, click it to enlarge.
  • How do I start a one-on-one private video chat? - simply click the name of the person you want to talk to, and in the pop-up menu, click "Private 1-on-1 video call".
  • What is a "mention"? - a way to "mention" another member in a (public) message. (It is not a private message or a message only to that member, but just a way to let everyone in the chat know you are talking about someone in particular.) Shortcut: press '@' before you type a message.
  • What is a "whisper"? - a private message sent in the chat room directly to another member without opening a separate "private chat" window. Only you and the other member will see the message. (You can still start a "private chat" directly with another member, in its own little window, if you like.) Shortcut: press '#' before you type a message.
  • What is "clear chat"? - this erases all chat history (for you only) and clears your screen, in case there's something there you don't like looking at. It does not delete any of your messages, and it doesn't erase or delete messages for anyone else in the chat. It's only to clear the screen right in front of you. If you want to see the recent chat history again, simply exit and re-enter the chat room.

Can't get into chat?

The webcam chat room has been tested with the most popular modern and current phones and browsers (iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Please be sure you have the latest version of your browser. We officially support these browsers:

  • Desktop (Mac and Windows): we recommend you use the newest version of Google Chrome, and we also support Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge (sorry, we don't support Internet Explorer; unfortunately it is very old and actually was discontinued by Microsoft several years ago).
  • Android phone/tablet: Google Chrome
  • iOS/iPhone/iPad: Safari (the standard browser that is built-in)

The chat room may work with other browsers (like Chrome for iOS), but we can't promise it, and we've seen mixed results. For best results, please stick with the official browsers.

If you still are having problems, please click the 'Help' button and— this is important— let us know exactly what browser you're using, if you are on a phone or on desktop, and what exactly is happening (do you see people chatting? do you see other cams? can you turn on your cam? etc.). Thanks.

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if you need to report a problem with the web site or another member, please visit our contact dudesnude support page.