global warming is now an established reality, so here at 'dudesnude towers' we felt we should try to do our bit to offset some of the damage the technology we use is causing our home planet.

our current strategy is as follows:

1. minimize primary energy and resource consumption
we are now placing low power consumption high on the list of priorities when choosing new servers and electrical/electronic goods for the purpose of running our business. in our day to day operations we try to remain conscious of the power we use, and always power down unused lighting and electrical equipment.

2. minimize incidental energy consumption
we are also working to avoid waste and unnecessary upgrades of equipment having an appreciable energy and environmental impact associated with it's manufacture and disposal, we also recycle as much of our waste as local facilities allow.

3. purchase carbon offsets to cover all remaining power requirements
for every ton of CO2 released in the running of our business, we give money towards projects that will reduce global CO2 output by the same amount, making our operation in a sense, 'Carbon Neutral'.

in calculating our carbon footprint, we have included:
* gas used to heat our office space
* electricity used to light and power our office space
* electricity used to power our servers and network (the biggest chunk!)
* electricity used to air-condition our server rack
* fossil fuels used to manufacture the servers and PCs we use (these footprints are spread over 4 years, the typical minimum life of the machines)

why not consider reducing your own carbon footprint, and offsetting that which you feel you cannot reduce?

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