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Safari on Apple Mac: by default Safari will try to play video in the more advanced html5 format, support for which is built in to the browser. if you are having problems, make sure that Apple Quicktime is working properly on your system, as Safari needs this to be working to play the clips. if all else fails, click 'settings' / 'site settings' and tick 'Use legacy Flash player' to use a Flash based player.

iPhone/iPad: iOS devices rarely have software problems, if videoclips won't play on these devices it is more likely to be a network issue (particularly if you are accessing the site via the cellular network). all dudesnude videoclips should play directly on a recent iPhone/iPad, iPhone 3 and earlier may however have problems with the 1-2% of dudesnude videoclips which are larger than 480 pixels deep. do not enable the legacy player mentioned above for these devices, iOS does not support Flash so it will have no effect.

note: since july 2012 the 'Downloads Lite' app is no longer required on an iPhone/iPad to view the clips, just click the 'play' link to view.

Android: by default, Android is served html5 video (same as iPhone) due to the fact that Flash support for Android is to be dropped. if your device cannot play the videoclips and has Flash installed, click 'settings' / 'site settings' and tick 'Use legacy Flash player'.

note: if you upgrade your Android phone in the future, you may have to un-tick this option in order for videos to work on your new device! if the videos aren't working on your new Android phone, please check this setting.

if you are having problems getting some or all videoclips to play on your machine, we recommend you download and install VLC media player. VLC is a high-quality and free application which does a great job of playing virtually every video format, and is available for most leading operating systems:

if you want the player to automatically open when you click a dudesnude videoclip link, you'll need to change you file association for .mp4 files to point towards VLC. for information on how to do this on Windows XP click here.

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