Q: i like pictures of (...) how do i find them?
A: if it's not covered by any of the other search form options, try the text search. e.g. 'jock' on a picture search will find pictures of guys in jockstraps

Q: how do i find guys in my town/state/country?
A: look for the 'location' box on the search form, click the [CHOOSE] link under it and choose the area that you want to search over in the box that appears. you can search country-wide, or just over a single state or city

Q: how do i find all the really hot guys?
A: do a search with 'Guys other members like' selected in 'show me this stuff first'. remember that this will only work for guys that have been on the site for a while (so the other members have had time to find them). it also only reflects the opinion of other members, just because a guy is not other member's type does not mean to say he won't be yours

Q: what's the difference between a picture search and a profile search?
A: the web site stores information about the type of content in each picture on the site. in addition, it combines all this information for all pictures in a profile and stores that information in the profile. searching for profiles will return only the main profile pic, but your content search criteria will be spread across all pictures (e.g. if you asked to see a guy's body and his face his body might be in 1 picture and his face in another). doing a picture search will return all the individual pictures on the site that belong to guys that match your search criteria, and all of the content that you ticked will be visible in each picture that the search returns

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