dudematch is a system which attempts to to find guys who are both each other's type and should be talking! it does this by doing a 2-way comparison between both guys profiles (their description of themselves) and their saved searches (their description of guys they like). from this comparison the system generates a figure for how well both guys match up

your dudematch list is sorted by "match factor" - the guys at the top of the list are the guys the system thinks you're most compatible with

setting it up
first off, for it to work well you need to answer all of the questions in your profile, as it's this information that's used to see how well you match what the other guy is after

secondly you need to fill in your saved search. for the tick boxes, tick all the possible answers in the other guy's profile that you like in a guy. the more you un-tick the more fussy you're being and the fewer guys the system will match you to

"his interests" is the only question to work the other way round. the more you tick the more fussy you're being because you're requiring the guy to have all the interests you tick in order to get a match

if a guy does not match one question, your/his match factor will be reduced, and so he will appear further down the list

you can narrow down the area over which you want to be matched to all guys in your country, your state or just guys in your town. leave location unset if you want to be matched with all the guys in the database, only set "country" or "country/state" if you just want to restrict the match to these areas respectively

match "importance" drop-downs
use these to describe how important it is that the other guy's profile question matches your saved search. the more important you set this, the bigger the weighting this will have on your match factor with the guy. if you set it to "Critical (Make Matching)" the system will exclude anyone who does not match from your match list so only do this for things you feel very strongly about

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