you may want to save a guy on your dudelist for any one of the following reasons:

  1. they are hot and you want to save a reference to them
  2. they are your buddy
  3. you want to block them from sending messages to you
  4. they have sent you their private picture password and you want to hang on to it
  5. you are chatting to them and want to make some notes about them

you can do this from their profile (click the 'save' link) or from the last message they sent you (click the 'extra' pencil icon).

the list of guys you have saved may then be accessed from the 'dudelist' link.

note: there are implications to adding a guy to your dudelist. marking a guy as a hottie gives him a vote (it's possible to order search results by hottie count). you can also choose to receive an email alert when any guy you have marked as hot updates his pictures. plus, marking a guy as either hot or your friend will allow them access to your diary entries if you mark them as private.

it is also possible to limit search results to guys you have marked as hot, plus you can use the search feature to find guys who have marked you as hot!

also note: there are implications to you and the other guy from you blocking him from sending you messages! the block list is not intended as a means of denying someone the right to reply to an abusive message you have just sent them, for this reason it is not possible to add someone to your dudelist as blocked if you have sent them the last message.

if you receive an abusive message from someone, you have the choice of responding to it or protecting yourself from further abusive messages by blocking them but not both.

sometimes, a profile you have saved will appear on your dudelist as 'profile currently disabled or inaccessible' - this most likely means is that he has temporarily disabled his profile, the server has disabled it due to inactivity, or the member has decided to leave the site and marked his profile for deletion. (we regret we can't give specific information on individual cases.)

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if you need to report a problem with the web site or another member, please visit our contact dudesnude support page.