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 Canada : Quebec : Montreal / mobile
profile id: 775135
build: Defined
height: 1.78m (5' 10")
weight: 73Kg (160lb)
waist: 74cm (29")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Clean-Shaven
ethnicity: Asian
cock size: Extra Large
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: One
preferred role: Vers. Top
interests: Underwear, Email/chat, Role play.
practice safer sex: When appropriate
last here: 17 Jul 2019
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Looking to make friends in Australia, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. These countries are on my wish list to visit and maybe knowing a local would help me decide where to go :)

Passionate about giving a nice back massage and taking time to relax my partner.

When the moment is right, I work my mouth on exploring his hole, tongue licking and probing until I feel him surrender and open up to more. I prepare myself with lube and continue to kiss his back up to his neck, and gently place the tip of my dick on his wet hole.

Resting my body on his back, I wait until he pushes back against my dick and allows me to enter his warm ass, just the tip at first.

As my head slips inside, a rush of pleasure makes me moan and I control my urge to slide deeper until I feel that he's adjusted to my size. Looking for any signs of discomfort and ready to pull out in case he's in pain, I kiss his upper back and neck patiently to distract his hole stretched around my shaft circumference.

The connection between us intensifies as I flex inside him, and he contracts back and I descend a little deeper inside, his freshly rimmed hole inching up the length of my shaft and my tip exploring with permission.

I stop often to feel him adjust to the volume of my shaft and to minimize any discomfort of my penetration, my lips covering his neck and back, both breathing heavier as lust increases our intimate connection...

I'm looking for more than just sex. Being a part of a gay supportive community is something that will help all of us have fun. When was the last time you spent quality time with your gay tribe?

By giving people a chance to know more about me, it also eliminates the ones who are not interested in me as a person. Body and dick is important to get your attention, I know that. In real life, it is not enough. Real friendships are beyond sexual attraction, and are nurtured with socialization and quality time.

Contact me if you are interested in being a part of a weekly casual dinner with new friends in Montréal. I usually host one and sometimes someone else wants to host it. It's cocktails and chit chat, fun food and wine, then my favourite part is when we all do a facial spa treatment (in a group setting, it's the low-calorie activity that makes everyone happy and glowing before leaving). After hosting a few of these group activities this past few weeks, it's very therapeutic for me to socialize regularly, and to concentrate on finding guys who like being with me in friendship. Sex does weird things that can jeopardize potential relationships, and creating an opportunity to non-sexual social group fun gives everyone a chance to shine in different lights.

The point is to meet new friends and create meaningful lasting connections eventually. I rather invest in a small group of good people for many years than never learning how to make and keep lifelong friends. I'm more interested in guys who enjoy socializing because I have had enough of the antisocial.

Aquarius Filipino-Canadian, INFJ personality type, loves taking it easy and relaxed, but usually is working continuously by remote. My day mostly revolves around writing, working as a network marketer, working out, and sex. I've been self-employed for all my life, and now I help people use different tools to get what they want. I support the efforts of entrepreneurs and those who are needing help to streamline their lives to be in accordance with their dreams.

I enjoy reading Star Trek novels on my ereader, so that makes me a geek of some sort. Dreams of doing narration work this year for science fiction books. I have already consulted with 2 companies about the process of voice acting, and I intend to discover more about the industry soon. Anyone who can help me, please do!

I love science and technology, so I keep myself busy with my new tech toys.

Gardening is a passion for me, but I'm more of a city-guy than a country-guy. I have lived in both, and I love living in the gay village in Montreal.

Sexually I love being inside my lover's ass as he lays on his stomach; I'm more top but I love getting fucked. I prefer cumming inside than pulling out like they usually do in porn flicks. My favorite fantasies are tag team fucking, and taking turns in the roleplaying.

I started recording myself breeding different guys who come over for their turn. If you are in Montréal gay village and want to be next, please let me know. If my mailbox is full, search Google for Ronielle Montreal and find me.

Daily sex, morning and night, is what I want. Doing it with the same guy over and over again is the best, especially if he is also my best buddy.

I'm on Prep and Monolaurin now, a powerful combination for preventing me from contracting any sexual transmitted diseases. Please research monolaurin and how it can make bareback safe again. I am conducting my own experiments and so far ZERO infections in 18 months of active bareback activity.

Age doesn't make a difference with me, as long as the chemistry is right and my partner is healthy and fit. A good sense of humor and high sexuality, as well as a non-competitive masculine comraderie is the perfect fit for me. Overly negative attitudes turn me off, as well as too much honesty (it IS possible!) and complaining. Take it like a man, and butch up!

Not into economics or politics (although I can clearly express my opinions and love debating), and I don't watch the news or TV. I live in my own little bubble.

You can stop reading now. lol

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