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 France : Īle-de-France : Paris
profile id: 278014
build: Muscular
height: 1.84m (6' 0")
weight: 77Kg (170lb)
private password:
body hair: Shaved
facial hair: Clean-Shaven
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Large
his cock is: Uncut
preferred role: Versatile
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Email/chat, Sportswear, Groups.
practice safer sex: Always
last here: 01 Mar 2019
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Hi everybody
looking for TOP/SLIM/HUGE
I considere myself very good....with a healthy appetite for sex!
Happy and content:)
Masculine guy who likes other masculine guys. Very well travelled and laid back, easy to be with:)

My View On Life & Love:
We spend our entire lives looking for that one special person who can "complete" us, and due to a recent conversation I had, I now understand that that isn't the way it works. You don't magically meet some "perfect" person, and fall head over heels. To feel love for another person, you have to love yourself. You don't need someone to complete you, you need to be a complete person to begin with, otherwise, you won't even be able to recognize real and true love for what it is. Love isn't about butterflies, or flowers, or Hallmark cards. Love is about sharing, and witnessing, paying attention to detail, and knowing that when you wake up in the morning, even if you have horrible morning breath, that the person laying next to you is still going to want to kiss you. Love is about learning what the other likes, exploring the other's life, their passions, and thier pains. It's about seeing life as a burden, that, when shared, becomes a joy if you both carry a portion of the weight. So, who I would like to meet really doesn't mean much. Who I would like to spend eternity exploring is more significant to me. I've dated all kinds of guys, played all the games, tried all the rides, and come back to the same answers time and time again. I live in a REAL world. I don't have time for drama, petty immature bulls**t, boys who like to think they're grown up, or boys who want to be girls. If you don't embrace reality, you need have no part in my life, and I mean that with love and complete sincerity. I don't care if you shop at Gucci or goodwill, or whether you pay $300 or $2 for the jeans you're wearing. The reality is, once those jeans are off, you're the same person you would be if you'd never worn them before. That's not to say that I'll be taking them off right away, but my point is this. I don't have the time to be hung up on the latest fashions, the nicest houses, or the "in-crowd" friends. I'm proud to say that I'm a genuine person, proud because it's been a long and rough journey that has brought me here. Be you, who ever you are, and listen to your heart, because it's your life, and your happiness on the line.

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