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60 y/o   VERIFIED §
 United States : Washington : Seattle
profile id: 22477
build: Muscular
height: 1.78m (5' 10")
weight: 95Kg (210lb)
private password:
waist: 86cm (34")
chest: 112cm (44")
biceps: 38cm (15")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Clean-Shaven
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Large
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: None
preferred role: Top
interests: Underwear, Email/chat.
practice safer sex: Always
last here: 05 Jan 2019
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My Blog: http://raincityjack.tumblr.com/
My Jack-off Club: http://raincityjacks.org/

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My name's Paul. I'm a friendly slut and completely out about it. I have no shame about enjoying good, smart sex with anyone who turns me on. I'm grateful for my life, proud of my cock and I love sharing sexual pleasure with my fellow men.

I've been devoted to the same guy for 25 years and married to him since August 2013, so I'm neither interested in nor available for a new boyfriend, but I do love sex and we're open so that's what I'm on this site for.

I'm on this site to hook up with genuine men. I'll choose actual physical contact over fantasy and cruising any day.

The kind of sex I like: As Ernest Borgnine said, "I masturbate a lot." I'm not, however, solosexual. I like physically and personally connecting with men who turn me on. I don't hook up very often because it's usually a massive hassle, and I'm just not desperate. When the right man is in the right place at the right time, I generally want to touch him and taste him. I manage a jack-off club (Rain City Jacks) and I am also an enthusiastic member. I really love having lots of friendly dick every week or two, and I've made good friends there.

My regular kink is mutual jack-off in groups. LOVE it. Love the communal, social, primate experience of getting naked with lots of guys, lubing up our cocks together and just enjoying a couple of hours touching, stroking, giving and receiving pleasure, just being super horny and getting off in a group.

I also love to suck hard dick, get a great blow job, fuck and be fucked, but I'm about 90% top. Actual assfucking is very rare for me. I prefer to reserve that for my husband and only do it in the safest possible way. One thing I love about jackoff buddies is not having to be so fastidious and just letting the cum fly... but yes, I like man sex of most kinds. I'm not an elitist.

I'm also a Truvada Whore (I take PrEP to avoid getting HIV), and I do not have attitude about poz guys. I generally trust a guy who knows and admits he's poz over one who believes he's negative but still spins the roulette wheel. I'm tested for all STIs every three months because I am sexually active and nonmonogamous. I play safer than most, but to be honest, I never use condoms when sucking a dick or feeding a load to a hungry cocksucker. That's just me being honest.

Guys that turn me on are reasonably close to my age and in nice shape, and know how to have fun sex without shame or games. I pretty uniformly turn down men under 30 and over 60, or over 250 pounds. Penis size is not as important to me as hardness, responsiveness and sperminess. My biggest turn on is a fit, hairy man with a good, generous relationship with his own dick. A fit, hairy man is an instant turn on for me, and hard for me to resist. I'm especially into Mediterranean men and Latinos, but pretty much any guy with a hot, hairy body and a stiff, eager dick is going to get my attention every time.

I'm actively turned off by smooth men, especially if they deliberately remove their body hair. I can like a smooth guy, I can be friends, but I am just not turned on by men without any body hair at all. I also hate bad breath, am many years sober and can't tolerate drinkers, avoid smokers...

Essentially, I like lots of friendly sex with friendly, healthy men, and I just don't argue with chemistry. Since I'm not looking for a boyfriend I usually only connect a few times at the most and move on (there's me being honest again...) but I'm not into closing doors on friendship with good men. There too, chemistry dictates. I like being honest and like most guys, novelty turns me on a lot, so I like new playmates on a regular basis. I'm not shallow. I just admit that fresh meat has a special appeal for me. I'm guessing you're probably the same way.

You can find me, naked and sharing my hard dick, in the company of my many JO buddies at most Rain City Jacks events, which I shamelessly promote and encourage all men to experience at least once before they die. Check the club out at http://raincityjacks.org and shoot me a message anytime if you want to know where and when the events happen. We do three a month.

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