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Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dudesnude
dudesnude is a popular social networking website dedicated to gay, bisexual, bicurious and men who have sex with men. The website's purpose is to facilitate chat, dating, and setting up sexual encounters known as a 'hookup'.

Timeout: http://www.timeout.com/
The site is intended as a healthy celebration of the male form, so all members have to post at least a shirtless picture," explains owner Phil Anderson. Getting totally naked, however, is up to the user. But that's a choice many members happily make, attracting a large concentration of fit, friendly men. Unlike Grindr or Craigslist, Dudes Nude has an impressively nuanced search function, allowing you to view members by anything from their location to specific physical characteristics. Profiles offer such unblinking details as whether the gentleman is circumcised and if he practices safe sex. Free.

QX Magazine: Issue #562
This site has one of the best search functions we found where profiles can be viewed by location, most 'hot listed', by photo (such as images with underwear only) or you can search the site for people who only have marked you as 'hot'. A unique function of the search engine is the ability to compile a virtual hot list based around certain search strings you place in the engine which are then cross referenced coming up with the guys it thinks would be most suited to you. Profile creation allows both private pics (that can be sent to other remembers using their email client) or general pics (images need to be approved and rated) that show on your profile. You can even upload small video clips of yourself. You have the ability to verify your profile and this is done by the site emailing you a number that then you must show in a photograph with yourself. A hassle, but at least you know who is real on the site. Some members will only search for verified profiles, and with good reason considering how much bullshit there is in the cyber world.

Gaydemon: http://www.gaydemon.com/
DudesNude is one of the best without a doubt. What I like about it the most is that a lot of the guys are 45 years old and up. I really dig my Daddys and this site sure has it's fair share. The layout is very nice and loads fast. Like most personals resources, most things are free, however, you're not prompted constantly or emailed all the time reminding you to give them money in order to have this and that. I've been a member for almost six months and have had a great time on chat many times. I've made some good friends and had some pretty erotic interaction as well. So if you're looking for another site to cruise for guys in your area, DudesNude may just be what the doctor ordered. Give it a shot.

Queerclick: http://www.queerclick.com/
this site is great because users can also upload videos of themselves and a ton of the guys actually have. There are short videos of guys jerking off, sucking dick and getting fucked on the site. So, you can search by age, body type, etc. This site is also free to browse, so you can start searching now

Sex-dating-Reviews: http://gay.sex-dating-reviews.com/
DudesNude.com is one of the best sites in the category if you want to hook up with other guys. It looks great, has loads of features including powerful searches and buzzing chat rooms and is great value for money if you decide to upgrade

No1reviews: http://gay-dating-sites.no1reviews.com/
With all the standard features that you'd expect, and some great webcam chat and regular chat rooms, this is a great gay dating site and it's certainly worth signing up

QX Magazine: May 2009
Porn Director-Producer on finding new talent: "I saw Demetrius' photos on Dudes Nude," Max told us enthusiastically, with the excitement of a South London gangster who's just found a 44 Magnum in a Christmas cracker.

Toptobottomnyc: http://www.toptobottomnyc.com/
I find Dudesnude to be the most user-friendly, in that you do not actually have to be a user to use it. And if you don't wish to spend money to attempt to get laid, you're not deprived of any necessities. You can see all the pics and read all the emails you want

Rimchiguy.com: http://hookups.rimchiguy.com/
I cannot overstate how NICE the pictures of guys are on here. If you like the amateur photos, some guys are quite the exhibitionists. So it is GREAT if you want eye candy

Manplanet: http://manplanet.wordpress.com/
One of my favorite hangout spots on the web is the DudesNude website. For those who don’t know, it is a website for men only to post their profiles and pictures so they can meet or chat with other men.

EAX: http://eax.xanga.com/
you probably might have thought that nothing better goes on (than sexual encounters SIC), but non-sexual topics make for the most interesting conversations on sites such as Dudesnude