our (un)dress code

To be a dudesnude member, you must have at least 1 public photo of you that is a clear body shot where you're not fully clothed. (This means no shirt; pants or underwear are optional.)

Do you have a sexy/cute/hot photo of you at the beach in your swim shorts? Or laying in bed in your underwear (...or no underwear)? Or even just a shirtless selfie in the mirror? These are great photos to use.

Showing your face and/or cock is optional. But just your cock or butt alone in the photo is not enough. The goal is for you to give other members a sense of what you look like, not just show individual body parts.

If you don't want to make a profile, you can still browse the site and enjoy the pictures and videos. (If you create a free profile, however, all the ads go away...)

After your first photo you may want to upload more... more photos means more attention and messages from other dudes. :-)

For all your photos: