To be a dudesnude member, you must have at least 1 public photo of you that is a clear body shot where you're not fully clothed. (This means no shirt; pants or underwear are optional.)

Required for Membership

body, at least partial nudity (front or back)

Doesn't Qualify for Membership
(But Good Photo For Profile)

no face-only photo, no extreme closeup, no clothed torso, no blurry/unclear/too dark

Do you have a sexy/cute/hot photo of you at the beach in your swim shorts? Or laying in bed in your underwear (...or no underwear)? Or even just a shirtless selfie in the mirror? These are great photos to use.

Showing your face and/or cock is optional. But just your cock or butt or face ONLY in the photo is not enough. The goal is for you to give other members a sense of what you look like, not just show individual body parts.

For all your photos:

  • Showing your face, cock or ass is optional, but encouraged. Or add 'action' sex photos or 'solo' photos... or whatever other photos of yourself you want to share. It's your choice.
  • The best profiles have photos showing you at different times and in different situations or places. It all helps give other members an idea of what you look like.
  • To join the Fit Jock and/or Big Muscle communities, a fit and muscular body is necessary. (The body on the home page of the site is a "fit jock dude.") For Big Muscle, you must be bigger. Are you less fit? Please select other communities.