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I From a Very Small place 488 population..grow up on just beside the lake was amazing as a kids Joined the military Fr inFantry Regiment,i was train to drove most of the tank with track"s or Wheels, all possible Guns, Communication, Radio Systme but my favorite one was the Reccon patrol"s... going the closer of the ennemy and gattering max information to prepapre they attacks... and also United Peace Mission as Sarajevo , Sebrnica and also in Cratia did that over 7 years. All they advantage of beeing born in a small and and the value from the military still a lots part of me, and the fact as beeing at war at a young age changed a lots how you see life, love beeeing challenge and trust me i was well know at the Hospital of the number of suture stitch"s i got, live hard/play hard!!! But the hardest party or Struggle to my life was to adjust to military to gay mmmmm... the step was very far between those two:-) army guy watching the back of each other ,, gay... as you turn yours... they taking bad behind it:-) 2 faces poeple,liar,hypocrite or poeple that judge without knowing anything ....wont be part of my life!!! im a easy going ,loyal, tolerent open minded type of guy, its rare ..that i get mad but if i do!!! my true friends know that of me... beeing witness of siutations!!!

whats im looking for..mmmm suprise me