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 United States : Texas : Alvin
profile id: 897520
build: Average
height: 1.75m (5' 9")
weight: 68Kg (150lb)
private password:
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Beard
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Medium
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: None
preferred role: Top
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Email/chat, Web cam, Role play, BDSM, Leather, Fetish, Sportswear, Groups.
practice safer sex: Always
last here: 19 Jul 2019

prefer skype c2c with mic. Skype id: slapthoseballs.
e mail:
Woke up this morning and I had dreamt:
that we went to bed naked and woke up in the AM and you had a morning hardon like most young men. I did not allow u to touch urself and ordered you to stand naked at attention, hands at your sides / eyes fixed on the far wall in front of you and like a soldier, while I physically handled and examined your cock condition: size, hardness, sensitivity, swelling of the cockhead, amount of precum, pumped u rather casually and expertly and, as far as u are concerned, involuntarily a few times, moved on to the balls and checked them for swelling and hardness as well as tightness of the muscular sac and readiness/need to cum and, as is my right as your Dominant Dad, finished with punishment of a firm slap to both nuts to demonstrate my strength, dominance and control over my boy/son’s hardon and cumload. You winced / flinched decidedly but accepted the punishment because of your need to please ur Dad and prove your ability “to take it like a man,” son. I, then, ordered u, still sensitive and hard, to put on flimsy / light, nylon, jogging shorts with a thin inner lining — again without touching / adjusting the cock or balls at all - and took u outside and forced u to go for a long, slow jog of 4 miles for your exercise and for my pleasure watching ur heavy and manly pouch bounce and bob. We worked off some of your young man’s excess sexual energy and ur hardon slowly and finally became semi as u tired from the long run. That day, you would demonstrate ur submission and obedience by not touching or cumming until and unless I gave you permission, son. I find my boys become more docile when they submit to cumload and cock control and orgasm denial, son. Many boys require a strong hand. You have a strong, dominant, experienced Dad, son.

I am stripped naked. hairy balls low hanging. cock softish but longish version also hanging downward between my muscular legs. I am relaxed and muscular thighs comfortably spread. Taking a cue from ur hint of ur experience sucking a previous Dad, i imagine u between my legs, just below my genitalia, looking innocently and plaintively upward into my eyes, ur head just below my heavy and now slightly swollen balls and cock. Ur eyes wide open ( but normally blinking!) . U look so cute. I talk to u intimately, sweetly, friendly, and remind you of ur role and position as the sub / boy/ son and how u must submit to the Dominant Daddy cock. I think of marking ur face and hair with theparticular manly natural and musky odor of the Daddy groin.

I then think of reestablishing our dynamic. No more nice guy / mutual respect / equal relationship. I now recognize WE require and I, as the Dominant Dad, will insist upon the hierarchy of the Dominant Dad and the obedient boy/son. U r expecting orders to take the Daddy cockhead, to start, in ur mouth and to please ur Daddy’s need. Instead, I decide to first clearly reinforce our role-play. I tell u to raise up off ur butt, head remaining between my legs and looking up at the Dad, and to stretch out ur body so that u r now on all 4’s doggy style. I talk slowly, confidently, and sweetly to u and lean forward over ur head and simply and casually reach down swinging my powerful right arm to the left side of ur body and backward between ur legs until I locate ur exposed heavy, hanging genitalia and explain to u that u will first be required to accept ball punishment. I check / grab ur heavy hanging ball sack/balls in my palm to specifically locate my target, confirm the heaviness of the large balls and ball sack, and distance my open palm from ur genitalia a bit to gain force, momentum and power and administer a firm, sharp, slap with a single blow to both nuts..

I both physically tried and mentally played out this scenario. It worked for me; I became hard. We both need the element of clear dominance and submission and possible pain? This is what you and I both need to be happy?

We are wearing clothes. Ur hardon will be vertical; ur balls tight. I push u gently against the wall, order u to spread ur legs slightly, and to maintain ur hands helplessly at ur sides. Without touching u in any other way, I place my hard and bony kneecap gently and firmly between ur legs and stare directly and fixedly eye to eye in ur face as I very slowly and deliberately lean forward and apply my body weight to ur balls as they r caught between my unrelenting right knee and the hardness of ur cock. You feel the thrill of both my strength and ur fear of pain and genital harm. U gasp as I start to apply pressure. I exert my will and dominance and lovingly monitor ur reaction as u learn to submit and agree to my control. I proceed to kiss u deeply while pinning both ur arms to ur sides with my hands. U become strangely satisfied, secure and safe in ur submission.

Your Dad

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