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50 y/o
 United States : California : Los Angeles / mobile
profile id: 857944
build: Stocky
height: 1.83m (6' 0")
weight: 100Kg (220lb)
waist: 97cm (38")
body hair: Shaved
facial hair: Goatee
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Medium
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: None
interests: Email/chat.
practice safer sex: Never
last here: 23 Apr 2018

Fat, bald nudist with big boy titties and a beer belly looking to exchange pics and meet new friends from all over. Love movies, books music from classical to punk, travel, cooking, languages, yoga, swimming, hiking -- and, of course, being naked! Have been a nudist for many years and love visiting nude beaches & resorts around the world, doing naked yoga, posing for life drawing classes, etc.

I love being fat, I love being bald, and find those two physical attributes sexy in other men. My sexual ideal is a fat, bald, smooth man in his early 50s with a big belly, large feminine breasts, and uncircumcised penis with a nice tapering foreskin. That's what I hope I look like in a few years. I LOVE foreskin, can chew and suck on one for hours, and have always disliked being cut. I began my own program of foreskin restoration using "tugging" skin expansion methods a year or so ago and would love to hear from you.

I do enjoy looking and being looked at and love to exchange FULL nude pics with other nudist/exhibtionist guys. Sorry, not interested in just cock shots. I'm completely nude in all of my photos, with both my face and penis clearly visible, and I like it when other guys do the same. Love to have my pics shared and reposted as widely as possible, so please do so if you want.

Also, guys -- this is DudesNUDE. Don't be shy. Show us what you got! IMHO, every guy on here should have at least one- full-frontal fully nude pic with his face and (preferably erect) penis visible. That's what we all want to see, right? :)

Any artists/photographers in the SoCAl area who need an enthusiastic and uninhibited model, please let me know!

I'm a Goddess-centered pagan who feels the universe is basically feminine. My one big turn-off is guys who are obsessed with being "masculine" and put down "queeny" guys. In fact, I believe strongly in the innate natural superiority of the female gender. Women are biologically superior to men (longer lifespan, greater resistance to disease, etc.), and sexually superior as well (multiple orgasms anyone?). I have to admit I have some serious clitoris envy, lol. Remember, biologically speaking, we men are just modified females. We all start out in the womb as females and only a release of testosterone triggered by the Y chromosome changes us to males. And it makes my enlarged clitoris hard knowing that I'm just a modified female. Read Ashley Montagu's wonderful The Natural Superiority of Women for a very informative overview on gender differences. Life itself is essentially feminine -- the first self-replicating organisms on this planet were all female and males evolved later as an addition to provide genetic variety. Adam came from Eve's rib, not the other way around.

The penis, that totem of masculinity, is nothing more than an enlarged clitoris. Ovaries are modified testes. Labia fuse to form the scrotum -- that's why you have that seam running down the middle of your scrotum. Some guys find this knowledge disturbing. Personally I find it beautiful and arousing. So please don't disrespect the Feminine. That's where we all came from. Instead, I prefer to stroke my manclit, play with my nipples, and be as queeny or butch as I want, depending on my mood. That's a lot more fun!

Peace! :)