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30 y/o
 Canada : British Columbia : Burnaby
profile id: 602397
build: Slim
height: 1.83m (6' 0")
weight: 77Kg (170lb)
private password:
waist: 84cm (33")
chest: 97cm (38")
biceps: 25cm (10")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Clean-Shaven
ethnicity: Mixed
cock size: Large
his cock is: Uncut
tattoos: None
preferred role: Vers. Bottom
interests: Email/chat.
practice safer sex: When appropriate
last here: 12 Dec 2018


There are different variations of hugs. Prolonged hugging in a cozy, comfortable position is called cuddling and Spooning is a cuddling position, a kind of hugging when both the hugger and the hugged persons face the same direction, i.e., the front of one person is in contact with the back of the second one. -Wikipedia

*steals your pillow and goes to sleep* ^^

in the words of Garfield... i hate Mondays... cuddling monday nights however make them totally worthwhile however.

So yeah, btw, i use msn, yes you can have it, but I'm not one to cyber... or buy a webcam... and assuming i had a webcam for whatever reason, i'm probably not gonna start using it... whether you start showin off yourself in your webcam i am not for or against really... if you want to, go ahead, if not, then talk about something else. :P

Amazing how some guys like to claim they use this site for conversation and not much else... yet have difficulty with replies much of the time ^^;

So you say you want to do me bare? hmm... marry me... then we'll talk about that... :P

"Just Because I'm gay, doesn't mean i'm any different a person than i was before." (so wait what? does this = 'straight acting' ...? ^^; )

You won't make me smile... i'll probably smirk.

I feel like complaining that the sole fact that i say that i'm poz way too many times in my profile (oh whaddaya know, 1 more time!) will be the cause as to why mostof you don't reply when i say hi... buuut, the fact of the matter is i've pretty much accepted that many don't care about what's written if they don't like how i look, whether it be the ethnic mix breakdowns or the " 'too young' for you 40 year old 'boys' to even talk to me" or whether it be just a matter of superiority complex to some degree, it's usually a multitude of reasons... before being poz comes into play, because usually being poz comes into play way too late and they wind up running away from me too scared to cuddle :P

You say you're "uninhibited" what? you're too inhibited to reply to an email... :)

Yup, Cuddling is hardcore.

So... "Life Isn't Fair?" or "Karma"?

see that little "" next to my name? really you don't? well, that means i can't reply if you have a maxed mail limit... nor can the majority of people on this site... so yeah, get smart.

rarara, i said hi to someone on here and they threatened to dial 911 on me if i say anything back...
yay, that's two 911 threats! :D (one on mh and one on here...)

What do you think 911 can really accomplish? :P

*calls 911* "hi, help!"
"hello, this is 911, what is your emergency?"
"someone said hi to me on an internet dating site!"
"Please hold..." *forwards you to shaw's help line in delta*

(apart from the obvious... >.> )

you what's annoying?
when tall attractive men walk into your home while you're alone, and it's only because he's checking fire alarms :P

hmm... how interesting... supposedly over 90% of guys will automatically rule out someone for sex if they're poz regardless of the fact that condoms make sex safe... thus the term "safe sex"

Isn't life fun? >.>

What's with guys getting a Biohazard symbol tattooed on them when they turn poz? >.>
its turned cliche :P
i would so get a tattoo that says "LOLHIV" instead... for the lulz...
not that i'm getting a tattoo... >.>

so it's aparently impossible to transmit hiv in serodivergent couples if the positive individual has an undetectable viral load and there is no other presence of other STIs? hmm... interesting... :P

(btw, the 911 people were back when i was neg... so yes... people threatened to call 911.. because somebody from an online hookup site sent them an in-site email saying hi... :s )


fake lyric translations... arguably better than sex... sometimes >.>

I am pro-cuddle. kthx :P

Do you believe open relationships exist? :s

Why have a Foot Fetish when you can be attracted to someone's Hands instead? ^^;

Someone said this and i think it works rather well for me too... so sure... ^^;
"Manners get me hard....=))"

Sorry... i sometimes judge whether or not i should talk to someone if they're taller than me or not... simply because... i really like cuddling with guys taller than me... ^^;
but guys taller than me don't really exist on an often enough basis... >.>

Hmm... i've seen the phrase "down to earth" so much in people's profiles on what they use to describe them self i'm beginning to wonder if people really think it means anything anymore.. >.>

also notice how it's always the Taurus that are always so proud to tell you that they're Taurus? ^^;

Being 6 feet tall it's annoying finding someone that makes me feel small... >.>

Persistent Cough and Sore Throat depression is no fun... >.>

if you send anyone a message saying hi... be capable of having some level of a conversation. Talking about talking is no fun when you're talking about how lame it currently is... which is usually how it's always talked about in such manners.

Empty profile texts tend to baffle me... I made mine this big by randomly spewing out junk of thoughts for a few seconds... usually no more often than every couple days... and you have a fair idea of who i am or how i think by it... assuming you're crazy enough to read it all :P (fair pastime i guess if you want to be on my winning side for some strange reason i suppose... )

And you get a whole slew of things to pick up on and random tidbits of things you can pick out of here and use that to make a rather winning First Message imo... :P

Rarara, i may be single now for 6 weekish now... but that doesn't make tall cuddly Uke guys any less hotter for me... >.>
(...just annoying that that not enough of them use this site... :( )

Quit saying we need to have a non-full mailbox before you will reply to us because we all know that's not the main reason why you would delete and ignore an email without responding... >.>

Amazing how someone can say they're laid back then list out a half dozen sports they love to play... then by the looks of them they do each one daily plus a visit to the gym ^^;

also, i may look asian... but it's merely a clever disguise, half native, quarter french, quarter irish... so if you're ready to tell me you're not into asians, then i guess you're in luck! :P

Do i want someone that bites in bed? i unno, not really... guess i'm not manly enough to want to get biten? sure >.>

Atsome point in time I will of probably had some level of message conversation with you all... well, probably not but I'm slowly working on it... After all, they still need to be slightly meaningful ones... atleast if you're capable of a meaningful conversation :P

Quit Asking me out for a cup of coffee or for a drink... since i don't drink... alcohol or coffee... ^^;

Use your Words... Your Parents tried hard in getting you to learn how to talk, it would be nice if you respected their efforts.

Yay for epiphany day! later.. >.>

What what? i have 850 cd4 and 2500 viral load on my first blood check? lolol, this is some pansy hiv that fails to accomplish anything in life.

it feels like 4 damage every 10 seconds... so harmless :D

...the only problem is the -50% chance to hit... :(

first update to my profile on this site in a long time right here... so yeah, anyways, back on track: if you have pokemon X/Y, send me a message so we can expand our safaris... >.>

Guys that are are so hot that send a message, hitting on me... have a really bad tendency to live so far away :(

Annoying how logic states that you can get along with someone but reality shows otherwise... :s

I'm rather childish sometimes for being someone who doesn't smoke drink or do drugs...
(...I'm usually not the one surprised at this however... :s )

"if you're old enough to be my dad, please have a son my age who you are trying to introduce me to :)"
This is amusing to read and actually it would be fairly awesome if this happened no? :P

Don't you love it when you double book a day (obviously see them at separate times of the day :P ) and like, they both decide to stand you up? >.>

coy, cuddly, civil, taller, sincere, teasable, gamers, msners
...These are good things ya?

k, i'm hereby taking an indeterminate amount of time in celibacy cause dealing with guys is just way too annoying as of lately... >.>

...hmm... *is considering one of those look don't touch policies...* or am I... >.>

just talk, you're gonna be friends with me before you do anything with me anyways :P

OMG, so annoying... D:
i was doing good on maps... ( rock band, drums expert btw... )
...and the foot peddle broke :(
damn you 80% failure that i could of won for the first time on my own without someone else doing the foot peddle for me D:

Someone threatened to call 911 on me when i hit on them online... I really that bad? ^^;