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age 63 • verified   Portugal : Faro : Albufeira
profile id: 47574
build: Very Stocky
height: 5' 7"
weight: 209lb
private password:
waist: 102cm (40")
body hair: Very hairy
facial hair: Goatee
cock size: Large
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: None
preferred role: Top
interests: Email/chat.
last here: 04 Jun 2020

Men want so much to comfort and care for each other. But all we have are these slight and glancing occasions together. And there are so many times when the inadequacy of it overwhelms.

Why all the shaving? It creeps me out seeing so many looking like Ken dolls..

I am not single!

Truly, just an average man here with a lust for life and a need to know more about love and living. Every decade has been amazing. I keep growing and learning,some good some sad, but always absorbing all that is around me. I enjoy communicating with others and am always ready to start friendships. We are all on here looking for something, all be it lust or life long commitments, we are connected. So,that being the case, open up and be friendly and say Hello.I will gladly say Hi back and who knows, we could become friends.

So, personally

I love being an artist of life. Seeing one beautiful thing in the world every day that gets me a happy thought during those times of stress.

On my own time, I can be found reading a book (I love fiction and bio's and as of lately I have enjoyed cultural studies)....after a good reading session , you can find me at the local farmers market searching for a delectable treasure that I can cook for friends or just for me, add a good bottle of NW or Cali wine and we are talking happy man here. A good beer ain't bad either!

For my moments when I have to express, painting or drawing gets the juices flowing for me and if I am inspired by a friend or lover to paint him, I promise I will see the true beauty you are. Lately, I have started taking pictures and discovered that I have a good eye for it. I am enjoying the journey of this new discovery.

I am a lover of the great outdoors and prefer to be as naked as I can be, where ever I can be. It is not sexual, just sensual and serene for me to be as nature intended. Just a walk in nature naked, recharges my ability to cope with sometimes stressed filled live. I also LOVE the rain. It sings to me and makes me feel alive. The sun ,although necessary, is sharp and hard to me. There is nothing like making love in the summer during a warm shower. Ah Bliss! wet furry bliss!

Music is a must in my life .Any music but rap and angry hate filled blah.Those musicians may be speaking to someone, but NOT to me . They are just screamers and angry ,sad people who have not found the beauty of life... any other music I can embrace.

I am also in love with my family. My Mom is a cool person and she has her life and I have mine..but you know what, I have taught her as much as she has taught me and at my age and hers we are still teaching one another and having a great time as students of life together. Here in the USA we are taught by society to forget and shun the elderly...shame, shame, shame.

I am a traveler and taster of life and the foods of life. I will always be that man and I would embrace a friend or partner who may bring those values to us.

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart!

this is me!
Sorry no cam, Skype or other CuCme devices

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