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age 43 • verified  • supporter   Germany : North Rhine-Westphalia : Cologne
profile id: 365762
build: Defined
height: 5' 8"
weight: 132lb
private password:
waist: 69cm (27")
chest: 94cm (37")
biceps: 32cm (13")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Goatee
cock size: Medium
his cock is: Uncut
piercings: Lower Body.
tattoos: One
preferred role: Versatile
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Email/chat, Leather, Fetish, Sportswear, Groups.
last here: 02 Jun 2020

I like to show myself and also like to watch other guys naked :-) And of course I can enjoy some passionate moments with the right guy(s). Sometimes kinky - well mostly... but not limited to that as far as it is making us all feel good.
Coming with a PA-pierced dick. You should be fine with that.
Have no special type of guy. Depends all on the guy himself.

Actually I am very pleased and glad by the fact that more and more guys go more "natural" again - I mean not shaving completely by that. Really like to see hairy chests, pits, bums, holes, legs... but no big deal in case you are not hairy naturally. Only turn off usually are completely shaved pubes - not my thing at all :-D.
In terms of bodytype: No specific one necessary. Feel good with yourself and I am fine with that.
Age isn't important at all!
Feel free to write a message if you like... I sometimes like a kinky chat - so go for it ;-) But can also have conversations of many other kinds (i.e. see below if interested)
More pics on request...

About safer sex: I define safer sex as followed. I am on prep, so I am up to go bare with sexual partners. BUT of course I am aware of other STDs so condoms can be used if preferred.
For intense assplay I prefer using gloves. - u should too.

And for those of you who are more interested - here some information about me or better some thoughs:
I started to live life much more in the moment. It took quite a while for me to find out that this every single moment we are in is the ONLY moment we got. The past is the past - gone forever. The future is just a fantasy about something that might come - or not. So being in the now is the only possible way of being.
Also trying to find new things to do in life. Things that make a little more sense (in my perspective of course) to the order and chaos of everything / the universe / oneness. However you might call it - doesn't matter. One thing that matters to me is that all and everything is interconnected and that every action that is taken has an impact on everything else. So take care about your next step!
Life is a challenge but challenge is no bad thing. With chellenges come opportunities and choises that keep us blossoming.
I am trying to get myself detached from judging - there is no need of judgements. By judging you try to put your own perspective, your own conditioning, and your own ideas onto something that is perfect anyway. Just because you might not understand something doesn't make it wrong or bad or good or right.
BUT this doesn't mean I am not questioning things. Of course I ask myself a lot when I see things happening or being involved in weird situations myself. Becoming aware of this is the first step and I guess once being in a certain state of awareness makes it impossbile to leave it... at some point awareness catches you again if you forgot about it.
in 2014 I started a nice new selfemployed job career as a holistic coach for mental awareness, nutrition, and aroma therapy. This decision I made on the inner drive to give something back to other people. Of course I have to get paid since this world is build up on this monetary system but never the less my motivation and joy in doing this builds on giving something.

Wanna know more - feel free to ask.

speaking english / spreche deutsch / hablo un poco espanol / je parle un peu francais / een beetje nederlands

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