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age 41 • verified   Germany : Berlin : Berlin
profile id: 258082
build: Very Muscular
height: 6' 1"
weight: 181lb
private password:
waist: 79cm (31")
chest: 114cm (45")
biceps: 41cm (16")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Beard
cock size: Large
his cock is: Cut
tattoos: None
preferred role: Versatile
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Email/chat, Role play, Leather, Sportswear, Groups.
practice safer sex: Always
last here: 05 May 2020

Besides a regimented life, I make things so you have fun. Currently developing a new card game. If you want to play a messed up version of UNO and are in the Seattle area, hit me up. Always looking for play testers.

I dig boys who act like gentlemen, who listen as well as they talk, and who show passion in all pursuits. Your ethic turns me on more than your abs.

Last tested 2017-08-30. Get tested and be responsible, boys!

And now, a real list of shit people have said to me on apps:
And now, a real list of the weird and wonderful shit people have said to me on here:
"Can I smell your farts?"
"I figured after reading your profile you'd not be into a non gym dude"
"You're married? Jerk."
Opening line: "I'm a top". My response: "👍🏼"
Opening line: "Damn girl you gotta body looking like MILK."
Opening line: "You make my hole quiver."
First three messages: "I want sex." "Hello." "lol I am sorry."
Opening line: "I'm craving a cock in my throat."
Opening line: [picture of an ass missile dildo next to an arm for size comparison]
"Hey. This is Macklemore."
Opening line: "I want to feel you fuck your sperm deep into my ass. Oh, and hi."
Opening line: "I'm a power bottom. What's your talent?"
Opening line: "fuck me until i'm empty"
"First off why did you unfriend me???>"
Opening line: "Gosh, can I suck on them nips already"
Opening line (in regards to my stance on gun control on my Grindr profile): "And no one in that club, sadly, had the where with all [sic] to shoot bad [sic]. They huddled like sheep waiting for the government's help, which came too late. Very sad. Even if they charged, like passengers on Flight 93, more would have survived. Passivity will always be exploited"
Him: "Landing in Seattle Jan 13." Me: "Welcome to town (soon)!" Him: "Yeah. Woof. Love to lick your hole."
Opening line: "I need your DNA in my horse ass." 🐴👀
Him: "Hi" Me: "Hello!" Him: "Fuck me sometime. K?"
"GM, now let me see your Taint"
Opening line: "I want to fuck your asshole inside out."
"Master or slave Wat u want to become"
Opening line: "I'm horny as fuck tonight and would rather have you slide your raw dick in me than anyone else" (Thanks, I guess!)
Opening line: [dick pic] "top" 🍆
"Golly, I really want to suck them nips."
Opening line: "I want you in me"
"You're stealing my buddy's pictures"
"I'm out of blocks. Help a brother out?"
Opens with: "What ya into?" Then: "Hi." "What's up?" "Fag."
"I've been patient. Show me your butt"

Some pictures courtesy Daniel Jeffrey Photography.

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