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 United States : Wisconsin : Sun Prairie / mobile
profile id: 206464
build: Defined
height: 1.88m (6' 2")
weight: 84Kg (185lb)
waist: 81cm (32")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Clean-Shaven
ethnicity: Latino
cock size: Large
his cock is: Cut
piercings: Ears.
tattoos: Several
preferred role: Versatile
interests: Underwear, Muscle worship, Email/chat, Role play, Leather, Fetish, Sportswear, Groups.
practice safer sex: Always
last here: 05 Feb 2019
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Update: I have found and have been blessed with the most amazing boyfriend ever! I haven't been happier!

Will update the rest here soon, it's a little out of date. :-P


Ofra Haza- Love Song (The most beautiful and haunting song I have ever heard)

A young guy with an old heart here; exploring, learning, and experiencing all that I can.

I consider myself a pretty nice guy, very bashful and shy at times. However, I have a huge sense of humor and love to make others laugh. I am a very open and accepting, I consider anyone my friend no matter their age, sex, race, religion, preferences, fetishes, or anything that would make them different. I have a lot of friends on this site and most are old enough to be my dad, but I don't see it that way. I just see them as the great, beautiful, kind, and sexy men they are.

I value and treasure my family and friends deeply. My mom is half Norwegian and half Mexican and my dad is German I think. Anyway, they have always been there for me, through thick and thin, and have always accepted me and my choices. I love them all to death and would do anything for them.

I have been back in the states now for a little more than a year after spending a good part of my life overseas. I have been raised in a military family and I am very grateful for everything I have had the chance to experience. I have visited and lived in so many different countries including South and North Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Australia, Mexico, and all over the US. It has had its drawbacks, but overall it has been fun and has definitely opened my eyes to new cultures and lifestyles.

Anyway, I am back in Ohio as a full time student at Hocking College after graduating high school at 16 in Pusan, South Korea. I am pursuing a career in the medical field as a forensic pathologist. I love sports and just being outside for that matter. In high school, I played soccer, volleyball, ran cross country, and even cheerleading. I also enjoy swimming, camping, hiking, just anything outside in the sun. Music has always been a big part of my life. I love all kinds of music and will listen to any, it just varies on my moods. I have a deep respect for classical, opera, and foreign music. But you would catch me most likely listening to heavy rock and dance. Huge Bjork fan here, I fucking love that woman! I don't smoke, drink, or use drugs. But I don't mind if others do- To each his own, who am I to judge? I am not into any specific "scene", if it's fun I'm up for it!

I must admit that I have a soft spot for older men. But please don't mistake this for me looking for a sugar daddy or trying to be some guy's boy toy. I work for what I have and want, I don't need anyone else to support me. I just feel older men have so much more to offer, wisdom and experience, and I am just physically attracted to them. Some other turn on's for me are uncut guys, body hair (chest, legs, arms, everywhere), men who are solid and tall, and just rugid sexy men. But of course those are just things I find especially sexy, I don't limit myself by them. As long as guy is nice at heart, sweet, and an overall nice guy, I don't see why we couldn't work. However, I am guy who loves to have FUN in everything I do; I need a guy who will be just as willing to cut loose and have a great time anywhere and anytime! I love a guy who can be random, like turning a romantic movie into a wrestling match. Things like that will keep me wanting more. Sexually, I am 100% versatile. I love to top as well as bottom, flipping is even more fun! I am 9"x6" cut and I am pretty sure I measured the right way. Now if you are bigger and older than me, chances are I will have more fun on the bottom- a little bit of a submissive and aggressive side to me. Besides sex, some other things I like- lightning/thunder storms, scary movies, long walks at night, cuddling in the cold, driving in the rain, 3 A.M. Wal-Mart runs lol, etc.

With all that said, I need to make some things clear. I am not opposed to hook ups but I would really prefer dating and serious relationships first. I am a firm believer in monogamy and traditional values. If and when I have a boyfriend, I will forever remain loyal to him and only him. A recent experience in my life has opened yet another door for me. Before, I wouldn't even think of messing around with a guy who was dating. If you and your boyfriend have a mutual respect/understanding with playing together or alone on the side, I would be totally up for it. I have had some fun in both situations, but I would still like to be monogamous if I ever decide to date again. I don't like the terms "straight acting" or anything that really stereotypes. By saying that, we are fueling the stereotype that all gay men are these feminine acting drag queen diva flamers. And so what if you are labeled that because you are gay, it's a culture all our own. It may be a little flamboyant and taboo, but it's a very colorful and lively culture filled with all types of men and women. I am very proud to say I am gay and proud of the culture associated with it! I see so many guys who stay clear of flamboyant guys, but they are the best guys to hang out with! I think they are just so much fun! So are masculine guys, just everything needs to be in moderation. I also don't like it when profiles discriminate those who are positive with these "HIV- UB2". Does a person being positive justify being rude by not answering a message or the nullification of a possible friendship? Go and educate yourself before your even begin to think you are better than anyone and have the right to discriminate. And one last thing, I can't stand when guys are just so full of themselves! There is a very fine line between confidence and cockiness. If you guys are so sure of yourselves and confident of your "extra large" dick, then I am sure you would have no problem showing us at least one picture of it. I would hope if you have "hot", "hung", "stud", "muscular", or anything like that in your profile, that you have some actual hot hung muscular studs to support you and your self image.

I appreciate all the kind words and sweet messages from the gorgeous and sexy men on this site. I consider all you guys my friends and wish the best of luck to all of you =) So please, don't hesitate to message me! I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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