xcbkev @ dudesnude
 Canada : Ontario
profile id: 1136318
build: Average
height: 1.85m (6' 1")
weight: 84Kg (185lb)
private password:
waist: 81cm (32")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Beard
ethnicity: Caucasian
cock size: Large
his cock is: Uncut
piercings: Ears, Other Face.
tattoos: Several
preferred role: Vers. Top
interests: Underwear, Role play, BDSM, Leather, Fetish, Sportswear, Groups.
practice safer sex: When appropriate
last here: 09 Feb 2019

Imaginative dreamer who thinks the world is an ugly place so I dedicate most of my time making things pretty, or cool or pretty cool. Designer, artist & entrepreneur by day and by the light of the moon Iím a wolf in daddyís cloths and I have a lot more then big ears and teeth for you.

A poly-minded individual reunited with the love of my life after 15 years, sexually charged we are re-visiting our repertoire of sexual experience and discovering new tricks along the way. I am driven to new experiences with connected playmates and party friends. While primarily dominant I am sensitive to the pleasure of my partner and our playmates. I take very good care of my toys and enjoy dominance through pleasure. Obviously if you are a bad boy you will be punished.

My cock loves attention and worship. When you get me really turned on itís a 9+ dick but I generally average 8.5". I'm uncut but sometimes get mistaken for cut as the hood rolls right off head of it when I'm hard. I am obsessed with taking dick pics everywhere and now have thousands of them in my collection. That obsession has spilled over to making videos with my primary and documenting our sexual experiences together. If you are lucky you may get to hold the camera. When on a power play we can go for hours and I cum multiple times. I can be versatile when the right scene calls for it but I ask that we donít tell my attention hungry cock. Tops and versatile friends who know their place are welcome to join us. Donít alpha me here. I already pissed all over it.

I have a varied preference in guys and nothing is set in stone although a few things are typically consistent. I have a physical preference and attraction to fit, toned, athletic or thin guys who are generally younger or at least youthful. Iím not hung up on masc. vs. fem. or whatever that actually means. Geeks, athletic guys/AF boys, the tattoo and pierced alternaqueers and gipstesrs, pups, sissy boys and a very special place on my face for twinks & boys with daddy desires.

For fetish gear itís all about the sportswear. Jockstraps, singlets, shorts and socks. You be the team captain and Iíll be the coach. My lips are sealed we wont tell your cheer leading girlfriend a thing. Iím also a massive underwear fan and have a fucking sexy collection. My lover also has an extensive collection putting a few hundred pairs of designer and fetish underwear in our home. Between our underwear, jocks and role play costumes we need a full sized closet for it all. It brings me great pleasure to see my boys try on jocks and underwear and model them for me.

Role play is our favorite game. Weíve developed characters and story lines for most of our usual episodes. My partner has begun writing a series based on the role play story lines and our sex dialogue. Perhaps a character you bring to game play will be included. Who do you want to be?

That is the crash course to the basics of my sex life if you want to know more you are going to have to message me. Who knows, maybe you can come over for a play date for one of our private parties and maybe one day you will be dating two guys in Muksoka. Gotta start some where.

I leave you with this; when suck my dick I want you to choke on it. I donít care if you can deep throat a 12Ē dick without batting an eye lash I want to hear you swallow my cock and while you are down there grab my fucking balls already! Grope them, suck on them and make me squirm a bit. When I finally work some fingers into you and I press the magic button to Venus you are going to wish you did.